Your GiftYour GoalHow to Make the GiftYour Benefits
BequestDefer a gift until after your lifetimeName us in your will or living trust (Designate a specific amount, percentage or share of the residue)Donation exempt from federal estate tax Control of your assets for your lifetime
Outright Gift of CashMake a quick and easy giftSimply write a check or make a cash donation nowImmediate income tax deduction Removes property from estate
Outright Gift of SecuritiesAvoid tax on capital gainsContribute long-term appreciated stock or other securitiesImmediate charitable deduction Avoidance of capital gains tax
Outright Gift of Personal PropertyShare your enjoyment of a collection or other personal itemDonate tangible personal property related to our tax-exempt functionCharitable deduction based on the full fair market value
Gift of Retirement AssetsAvoid the twofold taxation on IRAs or other employee benefit plansName St. Joseph's Hospitals as the beneficiary of the remainder of the assets after your lifetimeAllows you to make the gift from the most highly taxed assets, leaving better assets for family
Gift of Life InsuranceMake a large gift with little cost to yourselfChange ownership on a life insurance policy you no longer needCurrent income tax deduction Possible future deductions through gifts to pay policy premium
Retained Life EstateGive your personal residence or farm now, but continue to live thereDesignate ownership of your home to us, but retain occupancyValuable charitable income tax deduction Lifetime use of the residence
Gift of Real EsateMake a gift of property no longer needed and generate an income tax deductionDonate the property to usImmediate income tax deduction Reduction or elimination of capital gains tax
Charitable Remainder TrustSecure a fixed and often increased income, or create a hedge against inflationCreate a trust that pays income annually; the principal is retained for a charitable organizationVariable or fixed income for life Immediate income tax charitable deduction
Charitable Lead TrustSecure a fixed and often increased income, or create a hedge against inflationCreate a charitable trust that pays fixed or variable income to us for a specific term of years; the principal is retained for heirsReduces your taxable estate Property kept by your family, often with reduced gift taxes
Charitable Gift AnnuitySupplement income with steady payments that are partially tax-freeEstablish a charitable gift annuity contract with us that pays a set amount for lifeCurrent and future savings on income taxes Fixed payments for life for one or two individuals