Leadership Team Responsibilities:

  • Help plan and organize specialty fundraising events and special events beneficiary awareness
  • Work with SJCH Foundation Special Events Officer on special hospital inclusive opportunities
  • Help define Young Professionals involvement and expectations of the YPC signature events
  • Must be able to commit to attending 75% of all meetings – first Wednesday of every month

Chair Position

  • Coordinate all YPC leaders and oversee meeting management, including space, scheduling, agendas and follow up.
  • Work with sub-chairs on agenda and goals
    • All sub areas to lead the committee members
  • Grow attendance of Young Professionals for our events
  • Keep entire YPC committee updated on goals, projects, and members participation
  • Oversee all fundraising and development efforts by the YPC program.
  • Craft annual fundraising strategy and plan geared specifically toward YPC in coordination with Foundation
  • Serve as the liaison to the SJCH Foundation.

Events Chair:

  • Set up space and date for fundraising events throughout the year by project
  • Work with leadership team and Foundation on appropriate events
  • Plan and organize fundraising activities for YPC signature events
    • Christmas in July
    • Heroes Ball
  • Research new ways to fundraise in person and virtual
    • Present to group for ideas and follow through

Meetings Chair:

  • In charge of setting up monthly meetings, whether that be in person or calls
    • First Wednesday of every month
  • Location, time etc.
  • Have a meeting for the group, and meetings just for the leadership team (30 minutes prior to each meeting)
  • Write up and send out meeting minutes post meeting- email

Social Media Chair:

  • Partnering with the Foundation to create and write social media updates about meetings, what is going on at the hospital, and sharing posts that are relevant. Once complete, the Foundation will post.
  • Providing communication to all YPC members when posts will be going out, ways to extend peer to peer
  • Setting up YPC Instagram page, if desired.
    • Creating appropriate content working with Foundation
  • Craft communications strategy for YP engagement for current and potential member audiences in coordination with Foundation
  • Develop and implement individual communications and advocacy action plans for events and ad fundraising initiatives led by the YP program in coordination with Foundation, Chair and Events Chair

Membership Ambassador Chair:

  • Help grow quality Young Professional Members and keeping them engaged
  • Reach out to all new members, explain process
  • Tier of membership they will be at
  • Working with Foundation to get new members added to email list and directory
  • Craft membership and volunteer strategy and outreach plans for YPs for Membership and Volunteer Engagement.
  • Engage current members, working closely with Chair to increase retention of members and volunteers.
  • Assign current members to new members as ambassadors for the first 3 months, for retention.

Corporate Outreach Chairs:

  • Motivating committee members to reach out to corporations and getting them involved
  • Assist with getting volunteers for all Young Professional Events
  • Goal to have 3 new corporations support us at one of our events each year
  • YPC members who have companies or corporations interested, to please connect corporate outreach chair
  • Corporate Outreach Chair will then reach out and provide information to referred company