Give 2 St. Joe's Kids

Donors Geoff and Heather Gillon of The Pink Plumber

Dealing with a life-changing experience can become a pivotal moment that drives you to make a difference. For Geoffrey Gillon, it was witnessing his mother undergo the effects of breast cancer, and the challenges presented to her and her family.
Thankfully, the breast cancer was detected early, giving Geoff’s mother’s physicians the opportunity to perform surgery and save her life. Understanding that early detection was key in his mother’s successful battle against breast cancer, Geoff and his wife, Heather, sought to encourage regular mammograms for the women in their community. Therefore, they focused their philanthropic efforts on breast cancer detection and research.
When their business, The Pink Plumber, with locations in Tampa Bay, Dallas, and Atlanta, wanted to continue their legacy of giving locally, they chose to support the Hinks and Elaine Shimberg Breast Center at St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital. After hearing that over 20,000 women trusted the Shimberg Breast Center for their breast health last year, they knew they were giving their charitable dollars to the right organization.
Thank you, Geoff and Heather, for your generous gift to St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital and for being champions in the fight against breast cancer!

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